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When Martin Gardner applied the name to a particular class of graphs in , a time when only four graphs including the Petersen graph of course were known to be in the class, it was an appropriate name. For example the "meta-analysis" of data from medical research studies or from social science studies often employs random effects models. thesis printing and binding nottingham Are there different ways of representing their elements and operations? Here N is the number of tumor cells at time t, K is the largest tumor size and b is a positive constant. For more information see John Schmitt

The study attempted to determine the causes of poor performance among Grade 12 learners in tasks involving calculus, especially in cubic graphs and the application of differential calculus. For further information, see Mike Olinick. essay writing services legit for mba Research could include some interesting computer work if desired. How does an optimal strategy vary with the number of competing whaling fleets? Mathematical Models of Conventional Warfare Most defense spending and planning is determined by assessments of the conventional ie.

For further information, see Peter Schumer or David Dorman. Additive Number Theory We know a good deal about the multiplicative properties of the integers -- for example, every integer has a unique prime decomposition. phd thesis latex template iit The impact of a computer based math instruction program on fifth grade student academic performance on the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills in one school district Ph. A finite field is, naturally, a field with finitely many elements. There are many senior projects that could grow out of this rich subject.

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Gauss was the first person to give a proof of this result; in fact, he discovered four different proofs. The relation between fields, vector spaces, polynomials, and groups was exploited by Galois to give a beautiful characterization of the automorphisms of fields. Thesis ideas for math education Of course, 2 can be represented as f 1,1. Sometimes these differences exhibit more variability than can be explained by these "fixed effects", and then the parameters are permitted to come from a random distribution, giving "random effects.

Subsequent work has centered upon results with bases other than primes, determining effective values for k, and studying how sparse a set can be and still generate the integers -- the theory of essential components. All these proofs are within the grasp of a senior mathematics major. Thesis ideas for math education This topic involves simply determining whether a given integer n is prime or composite, and if composite, determining its prime factorization. Mutsvangwa, Sekesai Bridget Bayesian Statistics for Evaluation Research:

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Joel Franklin, Methods of Mathematical Economics. For further information, see Bill Peterson. essay write online your dream holiday The Arithmetic-Geometric Inequality and Other Famous Inequalities Inequalities are fundamental tools used by many practicing mathematicians on a regular basis. A computer search for large twin primes could be fun too. Wiley, , Chapter 1.

One goal is the classification of some families of Lie groups. Or you may even have your own idea for a project. writing service nyc suv taxi Algebraic Numbers A real number r is "algebraic" if r is the root of a polynomial with integer coefficients. How does an optimal strategy vary with the number of competing whaling fleets? The power of modern computers has made possible the analysis of complex data set using Bayesian models and hierarchical models.

For more information, see Bill Peterson Additive Number Theory We know a good deal about the multiplicative properties of the integers -- for example, every integer has a unique prime decomposition. It is easy to produce maps requiring at least four colors, but the proof that four colors are always sufficient did not appear until For further information, see Peter Schumer. civil service essay mauritius vacancies See, for example, 27 above.

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Nonstandard Analysis Would you like to see epsilons and deltas returned to Greek , where they belong? An investigation into undergraduate student's difficulties in learning the bivariate normal distribution: We're also interested in investigating whether prose styles of different authors can be distinguished by the computer. A thesis in this area would involve learning about the discoveries of these various "composition algebras" and studying the main theorems:

A thesis in this area might restrict itself to linear representation of finite groups. Search within this collection: For more information see John Schmitt.

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