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After all, regardless of any differences in policies and current military activities between our two nations- we ARE still, absolutely, 'on the same side. The mission of BFPO is to " People like Dave need to remember that the military is not only full of soldiers who WANT to dedicate their lives to our country Early forms of military mail may go back to the dawn of civilization.

The Canadians know how to keep the influx of public support for their troops well managed. I was wanting to be a pen pal to a serviceman, but it doesn't seem so easy to find names or addresses. research objectives dissertation examples In addition to the mail services, a free parcel service from the Naval docks at Deptford was also set up. Feeling you, in Dearborn, MI. I hope that this site gets a lot of attention so that our soldiers can get more attention as well.

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In a rebellion broke out in Egypt which threatened Britain's passage to India through Suez. Military postage rates are equivalent to U. Custom of writing letters for soldiers canada In Parliament granted the penny postage concession to soldiers and sailors of the British Army and Royal Navy. The MPS also supports mail delivery for U. For more information, visit the APSC website.

That'd be neat, I think. However, these men and women are human beings with families back home - and most of them are only following the orders they are given. Custom of writing letters for soldiers canada I know the truth and how they are treated internally by a patriarchal chain of command.

I really want to avoid the subject of politics or peace activism and focus on these folks who are in harms way, regardless of the reasons. Your so-called soldiers are well conditioned marionettes, serving basically one thing: Canadian Forces- and we all planned on showing support for US service personnel- not to mention, Ms.

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Our interactions are diplomatic; our economies are acknowledged as inherently tied to each other; our alliegiance is unquestionable; and our friendship has proven resilient. These include Kosovo , Bosnia , and Afghanistan. writing service online stories for money Just a heads up, best wishes. Postal system Civil—military relations Military logistics. May Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Furthermore, if you objectively evaluate Dave's arguments, you will see that he has a point. Postal rates for the Feldpost are the same as domestic German postal rates. creative writing help with prompts 4th grade I was wanting to be a pen pal to a serviceman, but it doesn't seem so easy to find names or addresses. A regular seaborne mail service was established between Varna and Constantinople.

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This page was last edited on 21 May , at From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kat and Ally, may I remind you that free speech is the most important tool in free, democratic countries. Custom of writing letters for soldiers canada They are not making it very easy!! In some nations, individual service branches may run their own military mail program.

I appreciate Americans like you!! Facebook Twitter Pinterest Whatsapp Email. I am one of these people,,,,feel strongly anti war,,,,but feel for these soldiers

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